Welcome to Stress Lessons Toolkit Grades 4-6

Inside each classroom toolkit, you will discover :                                                                   

Seven Lessons with a lesson plan and student activity sheets
Videos and posters for applicable lessons
A certificate of completion
A letter for parents




Our 4-6 Guide can be downloaded electronically here or ordered in print form here.

An Overview of the Seven Lessons

Lesson 1: What is Stress?

Students discover what stress is and how it impacts their emotions, body and health if it's not managed properly. Watch What is Stress? video  with your students.

 Poster 1

Lesson 2: Stressed or not Stressed?
Students reflect on stressful situations and begin to think about ways they can cope.

Lesson 3: Deep Breathing

Students learn a series of simple deep breathing exercises that will help them manage stress and restore a more balanced, positive attitude. Watch Deep Breathing videos with your students 

Poster 2

Lesson 4: Hooked on Stress!

Students recognize that stressful situations can sometimes trigger negative responses and learn how to react to situations in a more positive way. Watch Hooked on Stress videos with your students.

Lesson 5: Fears & Worries

Students think about their worries and fears in a realistic and productive way so that they are equipped to manage situations that make them anxious or afraid.

Lesson 6: Puzzle Solver

Students learn to break down problem into smaller ones so they can tackle them proactively.

Lesson 7: What to Bust Stress? Express Yourself!

Students review learnings from previous lessons in a fun way and explore creative self-expression as an effective stress buster.