Formal training is offered for the following: 

Preschool, Kindergarten and Parent Program

Kids Have Stress Too! for Preschool, Kindergarten and Parent provides a comprehensive introduction to key aspects of childhood and brain development and the crucial role caregivers and educators play in buffering the impact of stress on young children. Designed to meet the needs of early childhood educators, kindergarten teachers and those working with parents, the program contains practice and curriculum-based strategies to help young children learn how to become aware of and manage stress. The parent component trains Facilitators to deliver a three-part program to parents and caregivers with the goal to help them better understand stress and teach their children ways to manage it.

Level One Training Workshop - KHST! Preschool, Kindergarten and Parent - 6 hours: Includes Guides, resources and certificates.

  • Who is it for ? Early years professionals and others ( e.g. infant mental health professionals, public health officials, teachers) who work with young children and their families.
  • Recommended number of participants: For optimal learning results, it is recommended workshops do not exceed 40 learners per session.
  • Objective: This workshop is designed to increase participants' understanding of young children stress and their confidence in implementing the "Kids Have Stress Too!"  Preschool, Kindergarten and Parent program.
  • Specific Learning outcomes of this workshop includes: 

            What is Stress
            Stress from a child's point of view
            Their own stress response & coping skills
            Impact of stress on a child and how it affects behaviour
            Concrete strategies to help children reduce and manage stress
            Adapting strategies for use in an early learning 
            Their influence as an important role model for children
            The role they play as a key support to parents and co-workers through sharing their knowledge
            Includes parent component to deliver presentations for parents of older children