“The material helps students understand the brain and physiological responses to stressors, and also helps them understand their own triggers and how to begin the process of calming during stressful times.” Elementary School Teacher


NEW Modules on ways to incorporate Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity (EDI) when using our programs

We recently undertook a review of all of our Kids Have Stress Too! and Stress Lessons program guides and training in partnership with the Mosaic Institute and psychologists, to ensure our resources remain inclusive and reflective of the diverse experiences of the children and youth we are supporting. We are pleased to offer these supplementary modules with each of our Program Guidebooks to help you implement our stress management programs from an EDI lens. 


New Stress Busters Summer Camp and After-School Program: This is a program designed for kids to learn psychology-based stress management techniques and practice these strategies in a safer space. Participants practice their learnings among supportive peers, forming connections and strengthening their coping strategies.

Kids Have Stress Too! Preschool, Kindergarten and Parent Program: Provides a comprehensive introduction to key aspects of early childhood and brain development, as well as the crucial role caregivers and educators play in helping children learn effective stress-management strategies. Designed to meet the needs of early childhood educators and kindergarten teachers.

 Kids Have Stress Too! Tools and Activities for Classrooms Grades 1 to 3: Provides educators with strategies to help create an emotionally-healthy environment in their classroom by promoting self-regulation and effective stress-management skills and strategies. 

 Kids Have Stress Too!Tools and Activities for Classrooms for Grades 4 to 6: Provides educators with practical, developmentally appropriate, engaging activities for students aged 9 to 12. This is a resource designed to help you teach children how to manage stress today, and for the rest of their lives.