About Us


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

The Psychology Foundation of Canada is a national charitable organization whose focus is on mental health promotion creating and providing prevention programs that are used across Canada in the education, social service, health and business sectors. Our suite of research-based and evaluated programs support parents through the challenges spanning the developmental stages from birth to adulthood and teach coping skills to last a lifetime.

Program committees have merged to take advantage of program synergies and to better address the overall goals of the organization. The Connections for Life Committee took advantage of psychologists with expertise in attachment from infancy to teens to focus on the parent-child relationships as a key foundation of psychological well-being. 

PFC’s major programs include Kids Have Stress Too!® and Stress Lessons, Parenting for Life, Make the Connection, Staying on Top of Your Game and Diversity in Action. To find out
 more information about the Foundation and its programs, please have a look at the various sections throughout this site.

Why is our work needed?

Children and youth are our nation's greatest resource. They are the future of Canada. They need our help as research indicates:

  • In Canada, one out of every five children shows signs of an emotional or behavioural problem.
  • Research shows that a strong and healthy parent child relationship is the key factor in raising resilient, productive and mentally healthy children.
  • Families spend less time together than ever before.
  • One in four children enter adult life with significant emotional, behavioural, academic or social problems. After accidents, suicide is the most frequent cause of death among young people in Canada.
  • Bullying among school-age children is a problem for one-half of boys and one-quarter of girls.

To find out more, download our most recent Annual Report 2015, or go to our RESOURCE   page to download them all under PFC ANNUAL REPORTS tab.
Annual Report 2014-2015
(Adobe PDF File)