How do we know the KHST! program works?

Each of the PFC’s programs are continuously monitored and evaluated to maintain their efficacy and integrity. Participant feedback, pilot testing and content maintenance are all components of the monitoring process. Research studies have also evaluated the quality and effectiveness of our programs.

The results of an evaluation conducted with ECE students demonstrated that KHST! training increased their knowledge and skills, and provided them with a greater ability to recognize and understand the impact of stress on children. The evaluation also showed that teachers gained a range of practical coping strategies they could teach children to help them successfully manage their own stress.

In an evaluation conducted with parents, 88% reported both a significant increase in their understanding of children’s reactions to stress, and in their own ability to help their children cope effectively with stress. Parents indicated that the program increased their sense of competence to model and teach stress-management strategies to their children, and that techniques and approaches contained in the program were relevant and effective.

Feedback from teachers who have implemented the Grade 1-3 program and Stress Lessons for grades 4-6 have reported that the activities are easy to use, aligned with curriculum and well-received by students.
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