Parenting for Life Booklets 

Straight Talk About Teens

 Straight Talk About Teens: Realistic Ideas and Advice for Parents of Older Teenagers – New! 2012 and includes a Teenager’s Guide to Parents “What is happening to our young people? They disrespect their elders, they disobey their parents… Their morals are disappearing.” This quote could have appeared in yesterday’s newspaper, but it’s actually from the Greek philosopher Plato. In other words, if raising a teenager feels like a struggle at times, you are not alone. Many others, including your own parents, have had similar experiences. 

Straight Talk for Teens is the seventh booklet from the Parenting for Life education program. It’s goal is to help you understand your teenagers better, and to offer some useful ideas about how to talk with them, listen to them and continue to be a positive influence as they move toward adulthood. Although every family will experience a different journey through the adolescent years, this book concentrates primarily on families who need extra support. Advice and information on adolescent development, communication, effective discipline techniques, risky behaviours, and learning and working are all discussed in this resource. The last chapter even includes a section for teenagers on how to communicate with parents about expectations and difficult subjects.


Kids Can Cope

Kids Can Cope: Parenting Resilient Children at Home and at School Resiliency – the ability to recover from disappointments, deal with challenges, overcome obstacles and cope with life’s normal stresses – is considered to be a crucial part of a child’s mental health. This booklet demystifies the concept of resiliency and helps parents understand how resiliency develops in children. Real-life anecdotes help illustrate how parents can help build children’s resiliency in the course of everyday interaction.


Yes, You Can!

 Yes, You Can! Positive Discipline Ideas for You and Your Family – Updated 2011  

This booklet encourages, supports and educates parents in developing and maintaining parenting skills that promote the mental health, creativity and social functioning of their children. It’s about teaching and guiding kids, rather than just forcing them to obey. 

We all bring our own history, our own strengths and our own human weaknesses to raising kids. Our children, too, have individual temperaments and needs. That’s why effective discipline is so challenging: there’s never one simple solution that works for every child and every situation. This booklet offers many useful, positive approaches to discipline, but in order to turn “techniques” into effective parenting, you also have to understand your own individual child. Positive discipline – discipline that will help your child grow into a healthy, responsible, caring adult – does take time and effort. But it’s one of the most worthwhile efforts you can make.


Let's Play!

 Let’s Play! A Child’s Road to Learning – Updated 2011

This informative booklet explores the importance of play in our children’s lives to help parents enhance a child’s road to learning. Children explore their world and learn about themselves through play. The games and spontaneous activities that fill up most of their time during the early years are actually teaching them critical skills that will be important for the rest of their lives. In addition, when you become involved in your child’s play, you are actively enhancing the parent-child bond and enriching their experience. This book provides simple and inexpensive ideas and tips that can make your child’s playtime even more fruitful.


Hands-On Dad

 Hands-On Dad: A Guide for New Father’s – Updated 2009

Fathers today are playing a more active role in raising their children. The information in this booklet will help new fathers better understand the new family dynamic, their role and relationships. It provides advice on what to expect the first two weeks at home, how to better get to know your baby, how to support your partner in the weeks after birth, and common feelings and concerns of a new father. This book will reassure you that you’ve got what it takes to be nurturing and caring dad!



You and Your Preteen

You and Your Preteen: Getting Ready for Independence

The preteen years are a time of big changes and transitions for both your child and you. You want to be prepared for these changes and you want your preteen to be prepared, too! This booklet provides insight on the difficulties of surviving puberty, growing pains, and emotional ups and downs as children grow into adulthood. More importantly, the booklet provides several strategies to help you successfully nurture independence in your child while encouraging a sense of self.


Focus on Self-Esteem

Focus on Self-Esteem: Nurturing Your School-Age Child

Why is self-esteem so important? Parents hear about self-esteem constantly. It comes up so often in discussions about children’s well-being because high self-esteem has an impact on just about every aspect of our lives: learning, relationships, health, career and overall life satisfaction. People with positive self-esteem tend to have happier, more productive lives. 

Parents play an essential role in fostering positive self-esteem in their children. This booklet provides parents with an understanding of how self-esteem develops throughout childhood and builds insight on how the role that parents play can have an impact on the development of their child’s self-esteem. It explores communication skills for fostering self-esteem, how self-esteem is affected by a child’s personal experiences and activities, and the relationship between self-esteem and school.

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