Parenting the School-Age Child 

The Parenting the School-Aged Child 7 to 12 Years Old Facilitator's Guide resource has been designed  for parent educators to help parents through the school-aged years. It includes sections on promoting independence and self-esteem, building harmony at home, resolving conflict, with detailed instructions and worksheets for each. This program has been successfully pilot-tested and is now ready for your use!

Why a Guide for "Parenting The School-Age Child"?

A survey of the available parenting programs and resources revealed that content for school-age children, between the ages of 7 and 12 years, was most lacking. Although there has been much focus and support of children in the early years (0-6 years) and adolescence (13 to 19 years), school-age children have often been overlooked in the development of practical resources and tools that deal with their specific developmental changes and challenges.

As parents see their child grow and enter school, many of their child's needs change, warranting a change in their parental role. Parents are often unprepared for changing their role, since in many respects, they continue to see their child as dependent and fear for the consequences of their child's choices. Parents may feel overwhelmed by a seemingly unprepared child developing autonomy and independence. They are often somewhat conflicted because they recognize that self-esteem is enhanced by making choices independently, regardless of the consequences.

Parents can adopt new strategies in order to promote their child's independence and self-esteem. The school years provide parents many opportunities to enhance their interaction with their children and teach them important life skills.

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