Living with Stress?

If yes, Congratulations you’re Human! The Psychology Foundation of Canada, with support from Pfizer Canada, introduces Stress Strategies – a free online coaching tool designed to help Canadians manage life’s stress.

Stress is a normal part of life and a certain amount can actually be good for us. However, if not properly managed, stress can build up and negatively impact both physical and mental health. To help Canadians build the resiliency to effectively manage their stress, The Psychology Foundation of Canada, with support from Pfizer Canada, has developed Stress Strategies – an online tool empowering Canadian adults to explore the sources of their stress and develop their own customized plans for managing it.

About the Tool

Stress Strategies is mobile-friendly, free and easy to use. The coaching tool walks you through the process of identifying simple and actionable strategies to manage stressors that are having a negative impact on the quality of your life. From there, you are empowered to develop a personalized action plan with concrete, practical steps that will enable you to manage stress more effectively. Stress Strategies is 100 per cent confidential – you will receive your own private profile where multiple strategies can be saved and you can return to make adjustments at any time. The tool can be accessed at

Stress Strategies is designed for information, self-help and skill development purpose. Individuals dealing with acute levels of ongoing stress are advised to seek help from a mental health or medical professional.


Stress Strategies was developed by Psychology Foundation of Canada, with support from Pfizer Canada and an expert panel of some of the leading psychologists and experts in Canada including Dr. Louise Hartley, Dr. Nasreen Khatri, Dr. Steven Stein, Dr. Robin Alter, Dr. Liane Davey, Dr. Ruth, Berman, Dr. Cheryl Pohlman, Dr. Janette Pelletier and Claire McDerment. In 2012, Psychology Foundation of Canada launched a landmark program, Stress Lessons for Kids, designed to help children and youth develop successful coping and management strategies for stress. When parents and teachers began reporting they too were benefitting from the program but would appreciate a tool specifically designed for them, it became clear that a tool for adults was in need.

The Great - West Life Assurance Company joined us in 2015 to support the program.

Thank you to our program sponsors !