Staying on Top of Your Game   

Workplace Mental Health

Article 1 Take time for reflection. (Self-Regard) 
Article 2  Regularly share your thoughts and feelings with others and be open to receiving their feedback. (Self-Regard) 
Article 3 Try new things that involve moving out of your comfort zone. (Self-Regard) 
Article 4 Indulge yourself sometimes (e.g., treat yourself to a nap, jog, favourite dinner, bubble bath). (Self-Regard) 
Article 5 Speak up and stand up for yourself. (Self-Regard) 
Article 6  Maintain your healthy body weight through a combination of exercise and diet that is right for you. (Physical Health) 
Article 7  If you drink alcohol, drink in moderation (i.e., for most people, the general guideline is no more than one drink a day for women and no more than two drinks a day for men). (Physical Health) 
Article 8  Use resources that are available to you to help you with your financial planning. For example, see a reputable financial advisor if you think it would help, or use online tools available to you through your employer, bank or insurance company. (Financial Health) 
Article 9  Create an overall monthly budget that includes a savings plan. (Financial Health) 
Article 10  Regularly demonstrate to your partner that you understand and care for him/her (e.g., ask how he/she is doing, buy a small gift to show your care, take on an extra household chore to help out). (Love) 
Article 11  Make time to laugh and have fun together. (Love) 
Article 12  Set priorities and goals for your life and regularly review and rank them in order of importance to you. (Meaning) 
Article 13  Involve yourself in your community and with organizations that are of interest to you. (Meaning) 
Article 14 Take time to get to know colleagues at work and /or join a relevant group or association to meet new people in your industry. (Work) 
Article 15  Consider how you might be able to set up a career "mentorship program" with someone you admire, to further support your career goal. (Work)
Article 16  Remind yourself regularly of all the people in your life who are special to you. Then, think of ways to make them a priority in your life. (Relationships) 
Article 17  Try getting to know some of your neighbours where you live, or just smile and say "hello." (Relationships) 


Staying on Top of Your Game™ Interactive Wheel

Ask yourself the question on the wheel in the seven different life areas and see how you are doing at staying on top of your game! 
Answer each of 5 question to see your results. Please make a note of any questions you answer with "no". These may be the areas that need your attention.

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The information and strategies are provided as guidelines only. If the results of this quiz pose concern for you, please seek the professional guidance of a registered psychologist.

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