Strong Minds make for Strong Kids 

We have BIG news!  Strong Minds Strong Kids, Psychology Canada is a new brand from The Psychology Foundation of Canada.  We have renewed and deepened our commitment to promoting the mental well-being of children and youth in Canada.  We are dedicated to nurturing resilience in kids with the use of psychological science so they can manage, learn, and grow from the many challenges in life.

Please join us to ensure that every child in Canada has the opportunity to thrive.

          Resiliency Quiz For Youth Thanks To Collaboration With RBC

We partnered with RBC to develop an interactive quiz on resilience for youth. Have your youth take the quiz where they will learn more about resilience and concrete strategies to help them to develop crucial coping skills to last a lifetime. We are grateful to Dr. Diana Brecher, Board Trustee, for her contributions to this quiz. She was also interviewed on "How to Bounce Back and Build This Essential Skill". Click here to read the full interview and to take the quiz. 


45+ years

using psychology to benefit Canadians

 25+ years

supporting and promoting the mental well-being of children and youth 

1,000,000+ youth

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